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Blog Hop -
What Is A Blog Hop?

Blog Hop -
What Is A Blog Hop???

Today is one week since I published my first blog article, which you can read HERE.  Even though my blogspot is not set up quite as I want it to be yet a fellow Mommy Blogger and Dear Friend, Melanie of Happiness Delivered {Life.Love.Inspire.} gave me a great piece of advice, “If you haven’t already, start blogging on your blog...”  So after giving it some thought the publishing began!!!  Everything is work in progress, right?

While cruising through the blogosphere I came across the phrase ‘blog hop’.  Blog Hop, what is blog hop?  The blogosphere’s glossary, Blogossary, states “Blog hop, also known as blog hopping, is to move from one blog after another to read the entries or to leave comments.”  This definition seemed to be in-line with the responses of others but yet incomplete.  The various blogs that utilized the phrase seemed to have a more expansive definition, it seemed they where hosting a blog hop, sometimes more than one.  I would gather that in this sense a blog hop is an event in which you can join with the intention of linking up with other bloggers of various topics and following them; with them in turn following you back.  So as my Dear Friend Mel said, “Find other blogs, gain new friends and followers.”  Hey, this could be a great way for a newbie Mommy Blogger like me to make heed in the blogosphere!  Now which one do I participate with?

The choices were many.  I found general blog hops that lasted from one day to one week.  I found blog hops that were based on days of the week, social medias and various other themes, the opportunities were amazing!

Of course I wanted to check them all out or at least browse each area.  Turns out they all have something special about them.  But I did find a few quite interesting.
And the Blog Hop that is not only my INSPIRATION for this article but the one I choose to be the first blog hop Merciful Blessings participates in is a fun blog hop, 30 Day Challenge - Blog Hop by Katie’s Life Journey!!!  This blog hop is 30 days long which commenced on September 1, 2011.  Today is September 7 therefore I will try it out by writing one blog of days 1 through 7 for publishing before 12 AM tomorrow.  If all goes well I will begin the 30 Day Challenge Blog Hop on a daily basis tomorrow, September 8.  It’s now 10:50 PM so I should close up here and get started.

Have you ever participated in a blog hop?  Have you ever hosted a blog hop?  Do you have a favorite blog hop?  What do you think of blog hopping?

Until we meet again...

INSPIRATION for this article:

Hi Katie,  I found this quite intriguing.  So intriguing that it is not only the 1st Blog Hop / Challenge for me to participate but the inspiration for tonight's article, which is almost complete!  I will return with the link after publishing! Take Care and hope to join up with your Blog Hop / Challenge later tonight.
XoXo, Mercy of MB_WOO.MOM


Life.Love.Inspire said...

I really enjoy different blog hops. As you will notice on my site, I have quite a few that I participate in regularly and those I do when I can. For the most part I enjoy finding other blogs through them and meeting new bloggers.

dcuenca said...

Keep it you


@Mel - Yes, it is FUN... I might jus' jump onto the one your are doing with Textbook Mommy :D


@myLOVE - thanks :D

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